Sushi Count API

We originally started Sushi Count with the intention of dominating the sushi counting market. Scaling quickly forced us to solve many big problems with proprietary technology that we've so far kept entirely secret.

That's about to change. The heartwarming responses we've received on the App Store opened our eyes to the fact that we're solving an essential human problem. This is a problem much too big for our team of 93 talented individuals to handle on our own.

That's why we're opening up our core functionality for all to use in the form of a simple, yet elegant API. Developers around the world can use our proprietary sushi counting technology in their own apps and web services. As much as they want. For free.

We're changing the world... one counted piece of sushi at a time. And we need your help.

Want to incorporate sushi counting capabilities into your product? Here's how.


Replace :num with how many pieces of sushi have been consumed so far, and the sushi count API will return how many pieces of sushi will have been consumed after consuming another piece of sushi.





{ pieces_of_sushi: 51 }

How does it work?

The Sushi Count API is incredibly powerful, running advanced algorithms on large sushi consumption datasets to give to the most accurate information about how much sushi has been consumed, no matter what number you throw at it. Prior to developing the Sushi Count app, our team of experts spent years observing sushi eaters and recording data, so you can be sure the amount of sushi returned by this API is always properly counted. After all, we use this exact same technology in our own highly rated app.

Questions? We'd love to help you out. Feel free to contact us at